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― Lacan Scotch advertisement[src]

Lacas Scotch is one of several different types of drinking alcohol found in Rapture. Alcohol restores Health, but drains EVE. If multiple units are consumed back to back, a short duration of blurry/double vision will occur.

The Booze Hound Gene Tonic will make drinkable alcohol restore EVE, rather than drain it.

As with all alcoholic beverages, the Incinerate! Plasmid can turn this drink into a deadly weapon. If set aflame, use Telekinesis to throw it at enemies.

Help Caption[]

A bottle of scotch will restore a small amount of Health, but drain a small amount of EVE. Like all food and drink, it is consumed immediately when picked up.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In BioShock, despite the fact that the beverage is listed as "Lacas", the in-game bottle label reads "Lacan", as seen above. In BioShock 2, this beverage is renamed "Lacan Scotch" to reflect this.
  • In BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition, and all subsequent ports of the game, the player first has the chance to obtain a bottle of Lacas Scotch in "Welcome to Rapture" shortly after The Big Daddy saves The Little Sister from The Splicer. It will be clutched in the hand of the same corpse where the player can obtain a Creme-filled Cake. However, the game will erroneously refer to it as "Old Tom Whiskey" upon both examination and acquisition of the bottle. Despite this, either using the "What is this?" function or actually collecting the bottle will unlock the "Scotch" entry in The Help Menu.
    • This could mean that the Lacan Scotch in-game model was originally intended to be the model for Old Tom Whiskey, but the developers changed their mind and forgot to update the label for this bottle.