Mark Title Lamb's Operation
Speaker Mark Meltzer
Level Siren Alley
Lamb's Operation
AD gNr067-lNr12 Mark Meltzer - Lamb's Operation f0139
Transcript: Lamb's followers are blinded by her promises, but it's clear that this "religion" she's cooked up is an elaborate front for some insane science experiment. She's twisting these girls into… into slaves, bringing ADAM back to Lamb's science facility, "Fontaine Futuristics." I've got to find it… I've heard the splicers mumbling that Alexander is the ferryman…

Location: On a crate in the smuggler's hideout in Plaza Hedone.

AD gNr067-lNr12 Mark Meltzer - Lamb's Operation f0140

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The original subtitles as seen in-game and in the localization texts say "twisting these girls into worker bees", though the audio changed it to "twisting these girls into… into slaves."

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