Simon Wales Title Lamb's Salvation
Speaker Simon Wales
Level Siren Alley
Lamb's Salvation
AD gNr061-lNr06 Simon Wales - Lamb's Salvation f0126
Transcript: Daniel… you and I drafted Rapture's blueprint together… "Wales and Wales, Architects." Do you remember? But Andrew Ryan led us astray, my brother… turned us from the Almighty. Doctor Lamb offers you salvation, Daniel. I ask only for proof that the barest flicker of faith remains in you. I left a gift for you at the Pink Pearl, in your… offices. Find the code on it, brother, and we shall pray together for your sorry soul.

Location: Beside the keypad of the locked door to Plaza Hedone.

AD gNr061-lNr06 Simon Wales - Lamb's Salvation f0127

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