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For the Audio Diary, see The Lazarus Vector.

The Lazarus Vector is a chemical solution envisioned by Julie Langford which, by design, would bring dead plants back to life.



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After Andrew Ryan spreads a foliage-killing toxin throughout Arcadia, Langford discovers a possible breakthrough to her research on reanimating plant matter. To test her new-found theory, she needs a blossom from a Rosa gallica officinalis. After finding Jack at the entrance to her laboratory, she instructs him to retrieve the blossom from a nearby bush in the Waterfall Grotto. After receiving the rose, she confirms her theory and makes a note of the ingredients the solution would require. Her efforts to save the forest are cut short by her sudden asphyxiation at the hands of Ryan. Jack then finds her diary in the safe and sets out to find the missing ingredients: seven Enzyme Samples, seven jars of Distilled Water, and seven flasks of Chlorophyll Solution.

After the ingredients are assembled, Jack creates the Lazarus Vector at a U-Invent Machine. After placing the vector in Arcadia's central misting control, the vector is put through three stages of preparation for dispersal through the irrigation system, during which time Ryan's Splicers assault Langford's Lab. When the third stage finishes, the vector successfully resurrects the trees and other plants of Arcadia, thwarting Ryan's selfish act and providing Jack and the rest of Rapture with sufficient oxygen once again.


Invented from a U-Invent vending machine in Arcadia or the Farmer's Market.

Parts Required[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The name 'Lazarus Vector' is a biblical reference to Lazarus, who is brought back to life by Jesus after a deadly illness.