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Le Temps Perdu

The bar sits at the center of High Street.

You wanna understand people? Tend bar. You'd be surprised how many problems all these super men and women have.
― Le Temps Perdu waiter[src]

Le Temps Perdu is an open layout bar that operates out of High Street in Rapture.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

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After Booker DeWitt agrees to help Elizabeth find Sally, the two take the elevator up to High Street. When the lift stops, they emerge on a "street" near Le Temps Perdu. There, a waiter greets them and asks if they'd like a drink. When Booker declines, the man teleports away to tend to other patrons. While he teleports around the bar, he is seen using other Plasmid abilities responsibly to serve customers, such as forming ice cubes for freshening drinks, and lighting cigarettes with a snap of his fingers. The bar is bustling with patrons as Rapture celebrates the new year. A Need to Know Theater is located on the upper level of the place.


Behind the Scenes[]

20131004120128-lestempsperdu web

Elizabeth in an earlier version of the DLC.

  • "Le Temps Perdu" is translated from French to English as "The Lost Time".
  • As the promotional picture at left reveals, the bar was originally called "Les Temps Perdu" which is grammatically incorrect. The game creators realized this mistake, and changed the name to the more correct "Le Temps Perdu" before the game was published, except for PlayStation 3.[1]
  • The song playing in the background continuously is "The Lady is a Tramp."