Diary 22
Got a tip there were contraband guns hidden in the Fellow Traveller. Didn't find 'em, but -- funny thing -- we found some old uniforms under the floorboards from the war. Took guesses as to why they were there…
― Sgt. Leander Manley[src]
BioI Soldier's Field The Fellow Traveller Leander Manley's Corpse

Leander's corpse in the kitchen.

Sergeant Leander Manley was a member in the Columbian Police force, that was sent to investigate a rumor of contraband guns being hidden by the Vox Populi at The Fellow Traveller in Soldier's Field. When he and his forces arrived at the pub, they found several members of the Vox and promptly killed them. While the hidden guns could not be found, he did uncover a bunch of old uniforms. He was later spotted and maliciously murdered by Cornelius Slate, who finished off Manley's Voxophone with a challenge issued to Zachary Hale Comstock.


BioShock InfiniteEdit


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