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Sofia Lamb.png Title Learning Poker
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Dionysus Park
Learning Poker
Transcript: You must learn to play poker, Eleanor. Like anyone, I am flawed, and have a fierce genetic bias towards competition. But each Saturday, I read the other players... and I pick a man who will benefit the most from victory. By the final hand, I ensure that he takes home my entire stake, and that of the others. I win nothing but the feeling of conquest over myself, and the wealth of my competitors is slowly reshuffled according to their needs.

Location: In the storage room of the Lounge of the Triton Cinema.

The lock door of the audio diary's room The audio diary on a cabinet

Behind the Scenes[]

  • This audio diary was originally meant to appear in the Siren Alley level of BioShock 2, and is associated to the file RED_L_Lamb_Poker_01, as seen in the localization texts.