BSI Locksmith Bag

Obtaining a Locksmith Bag works similar to obtaining a lockpick or lockpicking kit. It contains three lockpicks and is usually found in locked rooms or when doing optional missions. It can be used to unlock doors or safes.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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Locksmith Bags are rare compared to lockpicks and appear more frequently in the later levels of the game.

Locksmith Bag LocationsEdit


  1. Office of Jeremiah Fink - Under Jeremiah Fink's desk.

Downtown EmporiaEdit

  1. Market District, South Market, Hudson's Fine Clothing, Basement - In a laundry trolley.
  2. Market District, North Market, Magical Melodies - Under the collapsed piano's cover.
  3. Downtown Emporia Area, Cunningham Studios - In the backroom.
  4. Financial District, Bank of the Prophet, Offices - On a desk in the hall to the offices.
  5. Financial District, Bank of the Prophet, Offices - In the office next to a corpse by the family mural.
  6. Financial District, Bank of the Prophet, Offices, Boss's Office - On a desk in the secret storage (Code Book required).
  7. Financial District, Bank of the Prophet, Safe Deposit Box Vault - Outside the broken elevator near the hole to the main vault, next to a corpse and a washbasin.

Hand of the ProphetEdit

  1. Deck 1/Hangar Deck - On the Gunship docked closest to the Pod Control Bay/bow of the ship.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

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Locksmith Bags can only be found a few times in the game.


  1. Cupid's Arrow, Showroom - On the front counter by the entrance.
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