Empty. Empty again, what are the odds?
― Lonnie, spinning his revolver's chamber[src]

Lonnie was a citizen of Rapture and one of Atlas' henchmen who became trapped in Fontaine's when Andrew Ryan had it converted into a prison and sunk to the bottom of the sea. He escapes the prison along with the rest of Atlas' followers and continued to work for Atlas during the Rapture Civil War.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

Lonnie with gun

Lonnie prepares to execute Elizabeth.

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Lonnie is first seen when Elizabeth regains consciousness in the Toy department. He cruelly plays Russian Roulette with her while Sally is taken captive. When Atlas sees that she is still alive, he orders Lonnie to kill her quickly. This almost happens, but Elizabeth offers to help them escape just before the trigger is pulled.

Infinite Spoilers

When the Lutece Particle is successfully used to float the Housewares building back up to the city, Elizabeth is knocked unconscious by Lonnie using chloroform. The day after the riots, Lonnie attempts to extract the location of the Ace in the Hole from Elizabeth while she is trapped in The Room using truth serum, but he administers too much and sends her into a comatose state for two weeks.

Lonnie is last seen in a secret area of the Artemis Suites with Atlas and the rest of his followers where Elizabeth gives them the Ace in exchange for Sally's freedom. He hands a wrench over to Atlas, which he uses to murder Elizabeth, then leaves with him and the others to prepare Jack's arrival to Rapture.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • When Lonnie is encountered at the start of Episode 2 in the Toys Department, and later at the end in Atlas' interrogation room, his clothes are torn and bloodstained from fighting. However when he approaches Elizabeth at the top of Housewares his outfit is in pristine condition, humorously clashing with everyone else in the prison.
  • Byron Cotswold from BioShock Infinite shares the same head model as Lonnie.
  • Lonnie's voice actor, Bill Lobley, also provided the voice for Stanley Poole from BioShock 2 and Jeremiah Fink from BioShock Infinite.
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