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Lot 192

Lot 192 is a biological modification designed by Dr. Suchong as an antidote to the Mind Control Plasmid. Frank Fontaine ordered its creation as an insurance policy, fearing the Mind Control Plasmid might be used against him. Jack consumes the serum in order to rid himself of Fontaine's remaining influences, such as Code Yellow. (Dr. Tenenbaum had already eliminated some controls, such as the "Would You Kindly" phrase, when Jack was unconscious in her sanctuary.)

Lot 192 is found in Olympus Heights and in Dr. Suchong's Free Clinic of Apollo Square. The first dose of Lot 192 that the player consumes successfully frees Jack from Fontaine's remaining influences (and restores his health to what it was before Code Yellow reduced it), but has a side effect of making Jack lose control of his active Plasmids. His equipped Plasmid then changes randomly at regular intervals (about 30 seconds), sometimes even to Plasmids which Jack does not currently possess. Additionally, all of the Plasmids that are cycled through are of the highest level. When the player finds and consumes a second and final dose of Lot 192 it eliminates this side effect, allowing Jack to gain complete control of himself and his abilities.


Lot 192 Effects

The player just as their Plasmid switches.

  • Jack randomly cycles through equipping the highest level of every Plasmid in the game at 30-second intervals.
  • All Gatherer's Garden machines are unavailable as long as Jack suffers from the side effects of the first dose.
  • The Sonic Boom Plasmid, a downloadable content item, is unusable for the duration of the side effects.
  • When the active Plasmid changes, Jack's EVE bar will refill.
  • Once the first dosage of Lot 192 has been consumed, until the player consumes a second dosage, the game world will be notably desaturated and drained of color.

Behind the Scenes[]

Icon lot192 unused

The unused icon.

  • An icon for Lot 192 exists in the game files, but it was left unused.
  • The dose of Lot 192 found in Dr. Suchong's Free Clinic can actually be seen in 1959 during Burial at Sea - Episode 2. The vial can be found in the same place Jack finds it a year later, so the player cannot interact with it.
  • If the player were to be rescuing/harvesting a Little Sister when the cycling of Plasmids occurs, the Sister will be dropped, forcing the player to activate the rescuing/harvesting again.