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Can't sleep with that glow coming in the windows. Things out there watching us.
― Harold Parson[src]

Located in an ocean trench near the outskirts of the city of Rapture, the Luminescent Biomass is the enigmatic source of ADAM in the BioShock series. The biomass is what originally mutated the native sea slug and allowed them to produce ADAM. The light emanating from the biomass is reminescent of the Northern Lights and can be clearly seen surrounding the Persephone building, and be partially seen from Fontaine Futuristics Headquarters, though most of Rapture's citizens are unaware of the mass' existence.

BioShock 2[]

A skybox showing the light from the biomass.

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The luminescent biomass can be seen by Subject Delta when looking out the windows from Persephone, the radiating light is so bright that it illuminates the entire cavern. The Rapture Family detonate bombs around the detention center under orders from Dr. Sofia Lamb, with the intent to send the entire facility sinking down to the biomass below. The only reference to the biomass is from Harold Parson's audio diary. Harold remarks on feeling as if he is being watched from things on the outside.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Although the luminescent biomass is never explained in any of the games in the BioShock series, its purpose was revealed by one of the game's developers, Steve Gaynor.[1]