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Luxury Rooms Sign

The hotel exterior.

Hourly Rates
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Luxury Rooms was a hotel located in the Town Square in Pauper's Drop of Rapture. It discreetly provided quality rooms rented by the hour if the client did not care to travel all the way to Siren Alley to look for pleasure.

BioShock 2Edit


The only accessible room.

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The establishment was once a two-story affair, but by the time of Subject Delta's arrival, the first floor has been blocked off. Access to the second floor can only be gained from a makeshift walkway on the roof of King Pawn, entering from Fontaine Clinics.

Only one room can be entered as the stairwell is filled with rubble. The hotel room once contained a bed and a bath, the bedframe and mattress now upended to provide cover from intruders. The side cabinet contains an audio diary and the rear wall holds a safe.

Entering the room to examine the safe will trigger Splicers to enter through the sliding door.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Sofia Lamb - Therapy with Grace 1 - On a cabinet near the apartment window.
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