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now we have something."
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Mariska Lutz
Maybe we never should have come to this place…
― Mariska Lutz[src]

Mariska Lutz, who is of Czech[citation needed] and Jewish origin,[1] and her husband Samuel Lutz, were likely among the working class of Rapture. While in the city, they had a daughter together and named her Masha, who knew nothing of life above the surface. Masha was taken from them by Andrew Ryan's men, telling them she could help save the failing city.

Mariska and Samuel's worst fears were confirmed when they saw first hand that Masha had become a Little Sister. In their despair, they committed suicide via an overdose of pills in their room in Neptune's Bounty. Their corpses, still hugging one another on a mattress, can be found inside their room by Jack at The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern during BioShock.

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