"Oh magus, you have begun thy journey. Your master's temple has fallen but his work is not yet finished…"Orrin Oscar Lutwidge

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Letter to Dash CarmadyEdit

Day126 item705letterto dash
     Mark G. Meltzer
P.O. Box 4668 # 32890
 New York, N.Y. 10163

D.H. Carmady
Auger Detection
New York, N.Y.


Just a line to let you know how much I appreciated your help (reluctant
though it was)... The snaps you took of the floor in Lutwidge's lab circa
1958 have taken me leaps and bounds forward in my "Journey." By the
time I found the lab, it was a shambles - even the white tiles looked
pitch black under layers of dust, muck and clutter... never guessed
I was literally STANDING on the code. (And your surmises about the
pattern were 100% correct - my associate Phil is a grandmaster and
helped me crack it.)

Not much point staying in N.Y. anymore. The trail of this mystery
points to the oceans, so that's where I'm headed. Cash is low (assets
frozen by my wife's lawyer) - so I sold the old sedan, unloaded some col-
lectibles and cut a deal with the Capt. of a cargo freighter heading out
of Baltimore next week. Couldn't offer him much, but he's "sympathetic
to the cause".

Unfortunately, the route won't be a straight line - but I suspect it will
give me the time and opportunity to crack a few of the other riddles that
Lutwidge left behind.

Which leads me to the real reason I'm writing...

Day126 item706letterdash2
Pg. 2

I feel responsible for Celeste Roget's recent disappearance. I hope you
are correct and she simply overreacted—running & hiding the second
the 'Red Pawn' reared his ugly head again. Can't say I blame her...
having had some small taste of the Hell she went through when she was
searching for her father.

Just like Celeste, I was led on what may or may not have been a wild
goose chase concocted by Orrin Lutwidge and his "Red Pawn." Just like
Celeste... I have begun to believe the impossible. And just like Celeste...
I have discovered the worst thing is NOT KNOWING - being unable
to separate the truth from illusion, fact from fiction.

She complained about hang-up calls & anonymous threats. I received
similar communications... and I have to believe it's Lynch who was
harassing us. Apparently my researches started him back on his old
"tricks." It's my fault - therefore, my responsibility. It will take me a
while to reach Europe - but I will have a week or so in dock. Please let me
know if there's anything I can do to help you find her while I'm there.

I suspect I'm not your favorite person in the world these days. But
please stay in touch... ship doesn't set sail for a few days and Phil
Isidore is teaching me how to use my shortwave for internat'l

Mark Meltzer
Mark Meltzer

Letter to AmandaEdit

Day129 item726amanda
     Mark G. Meltzer
P.O. Box 4668 # 32890
 New York, N.Y. 10163

Amanda K. Meltzer
New York, NY

Dear Amanda:

I wanted to thank you for forwarding me Cindy's codebook. I was hoping
maybe it meant you hadn't given up on me - or our baby girl. Based on
my last conversation with your lawyer, I'm guessing that's not the case.
(He says you were "livid" about me missing the court date... sorry I was

By the time you read this, you will have realized I've left the country.
Your attorney seems to think I'm running away from my problems. He's
got it exactly backwards.

Amanda, I have stumbled across evidence that our daughter has been
taken somewhere out to sea. With the last of my OUR cash (the assets
your lawyer hasn't frozen!) - I've bought passage on a cargo freighter.
A decommissioned rustbucket, frankly, all I could afford. With a captain
bold enough or crazy enough to swear he'd get me to my destination.
(Though, unfortunately, we're going the long way.)

Amanda, understand for once: I don't have a choice. I HAVE to chase
this to its end. With luck - I will see you soon enough - with our
daughter by my side. Ship leaves this A.M. Whatever you do - please
don't try to stop me.

With love (still),

Note about the Knight's Tour 11/12/09Edit

Day129 item715noteknights

Knights Journey = Knights Tour

(of course)
Feigned Obsession ???

If so.... He's faking it at BOOK-LENGTH !!!

Note about ADFGX CodeEdit

Day130 item720note adfgx

ADFGX style code!!!

Hiding in plain site – in his codebook.

(100,000 copies in print??)

Disguised as word search puzzle…

7 keys = "Sevenfold Lock???"

Once again: Lutwidge –

Madman or Genius?
Possibly: A little of both…!!!

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