Multiphasic Psychiatric Examination Edit

Multiphasic Psychiatric Examination

CASE NO: (scribbled over)
NAME: Meltzer, Mark G.

Most test items appear to have been answered truthfully. However, inconsistency in response to several categories suggests the patient may have modulated answers in an effort to deny anxiety or defy diagnosis.

This patient appears to be currently depressed and anxious. His condition may be partially conditional due to environmental stressors. However, numerous patterns indicate deeply rooted issues. Patients with similar characteristic responses frequently report insomnia, fatigue. lack of initiative. Responses suggest possible diagnosis of depression and/or acute anxiety. Patient may be prone to bizarre delusions but may attempt to mask or deny these beliefs.

Diagnosis is not conclusive. Even if the patient has not expressed clear sentiments indicating predilection to harm himself and/or others. Further treatment is indicated.

Patient is expected to prove resistant towards treatment and may express critical/rebellious attitudes toward medical authorities.

Meltzer's LetterEdit

Mark G. Meltzer
P.O. Box 4668 #32890
New York , N.Y. 10163

I assume Jeremiah Lynch gave you my contact information
to help me with my research. Enclosed are two of the items
I found in the lunchbox that SHE left. Please let me
know if you can make anything of them. Any information
you might have could be integral to finding my daughter.
Mark Meltzer

Letter from the United KingdomEdit

(First five lines scribbled out)
     United Kingdom

Dear Sir,
I have been following your "quest" with a

degree of interest. While I share your pain, I ask you
to abandon your search. You are delving into something
bigger than all of us.

Those of us who sacrificed our dearest to him

can only hope for justice in the next life.

Please, please, leave well alone, else we all

feel the wrath of a rapturous end.

You may contact me but don't expect any

more help.

The mail
 keeps getting

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