"Oh magus, you have begun thy journey. Your master's temple has fallen but his work is not yet finished…"Orrin Oscar Lutwidge

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Note on Finding Lutwidge's Basement Workshop[edit | edit source]

Day98 item541notelab.png

It turns out I didn't need the help of Carmady the P.I. anyway.
Between his notes and my own research, I was able to track down
Lutwidge's lab. The bldg. is/was owned by Ryan. (Current status
unclear?) The door matched the photo of Lutwidge from the P.I. file.

The door itself was heavy, deadbolted - I but found a side window
of the old vent-type. The security bars had rusted through. I
managed to pry them out and slide inside... I survived, tho' my
suit didn't. (Cleaner deserves hardship pay!)

Lutwidge's main lab - the inside looks like something out of a
Frankenstein picture. Huge machinery, heavy duty electric
cables. A MESS. A pile of manuscript by the desk - random
scraps, some written some typed. (Possibly fragments of the
"Utropolis manuscript? Check with Lex Harlan!)

But the weirdest find was - SOUVENIRS. Advertisements, strange
bottles - and lots of party masks (??? stained, cracked, some
bloody!). Ephemera... some of it COULD be from Rapture... left-
overs from Lutwidge's shattered dreams?

I was too overwhelmed to think clearly. I should have grabbed
some of the material for the files. I'll have to make a return trip

Letter to Contacts[edit | edit source]

Day99 item601bcontacts.png
Mark G. Meltzer
P.O. Box 4668 #32890
New York, N.Y. 10163

Dear Friend:

Phil Isidore (of N.U.F.O.S) has vouched that you are a trustworthy individ-
ual. Please - closely guard the contents of this package. I have sent it direct
via courier out of concern that gov't personnel or unknown individuals
may attempt to intercept it.

As you may know, I have been investigating anomalous phenomena related
to the disappearance of my daughter. In the past, you've provided informa-
tion that has helped my research. Now I need your input on a matter of
utmost urgency.

I discovered the enclosed item in a basement workshop owned by Orrin
Oscar Lutwidge. I'm desperately trying to uncover more regarding its
origin, manufacture, etc. Please examine it and let me know what you make
of it.

Any information could help me find my daughter.

      Mark Meltzer
Mark Meltzer

Note About "The Red Pawn"[edit | edit source]

Day108 item620redpawn.png
Who is
connection to Knight??



playing games...
sending people
down blind
alleys                                  "broken-hearted prophet"

"Killian" -> I (nm?) A N

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