Sofia Lamb Title Means of Control
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Fontaine Futuristics
Means of Control
AD gNr093-lNr03 Sofia Lamb - Means of Control f0195
Transcript: Prison, it seems, was a blessing -- Ryan is now dead by his own son's hand. But far more interesting is the program of compulsion bred into his child, coded "W-Y-K." It was some manner of verbal "trigger phrase," which the boy would obey as an order, unerringly. In a way, this sad thing, this... half-man had 'escaped the self'. Highly intelligent, but devoid of so called "free will," with all its convenient blind spots. What if he had been instructed to uphold the common good? What if he were a volunteer?

Location: On a couch to the right of a Splicer stuck to the wall with spears on the central lower level.

AD gNr093-lNr03 Sofia Lamb - Means of Control f0196

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • According to the localization texts, this audio diary was originally to be found in Siren Alley, and was associated with the audio file RED_L_Lamb_Prison_01.
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