Bill McDonagh Title Meeting Ryan
Speaker Bill McDonagh
Level Neptune's Bounty
Meeting Ryan
Bill McDonagh - Meeting Ryan
Transcript: I met Ryan the day me and the lads were installing the bathroom plumbing up in his posh Park Avenue digs. "Oi!" says he, "What's with all the brass fittings? General contractor had me down for the tin." "Well," I says, "I supposed it's the contractor then who'll be bailing out your loo once a fortnight, is it? If it's price you're worried about, I'll be picking up the brass, so not to worry, squire." "And why would you be doing that?" says he. "Well, Mr. Ryan, profit or not, no man bails water out of privies built by Bill McDonagh." The next day I finds out, I'm Ryan's new general contractor.

Location: The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern, in the flooded ventilation shaft.

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