Peach Wilkins Title Meeting with Fontaine
Speaker Peach Wilkins
Level Smuggler's Hideout
Meeting with Fontaine
Peach Wilkins - Meeting with Fontaine
Transcript: We all come down here, figured we'd all be part of Ryan's Great Chain. Turns out Ryan's chain is made of gold, and ours are the sort with the big iron ball around your ankle. He's up in Fort Frolic banging fashion models… we're down in this dump yanking guts outta fish. Fontaine's promising something better. He's like one-a us, you know, like he's worked a day in his life. He says meet him at his fish-packing joint at 11. I'll go, bring a couple of guys. Hey, it's not like things could get a lot worse.

Location: In the back of the Storage Cave.

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