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Mendel Memorial Library sign
Pt Prometheus-Mendel Library-01

The entrance to the library.

Goddammit! The Big Daddy boots need to be shipped here, not to damn library!
― Yi Suchong[src]

The Mendel Memorial Research Library is a research library in Point Prometheus. It contains an important collection of books on genetics, including Dawkins Law, Evolutionary Biology, Applied Genetics and Mendelian Practice.



The librarian's desk.

Back when Point Prometheus was Rapture's premiere center for scientific study, the Mendel Memorial Research Library served an important purpose. The library was a treasure trove of knowledge to be used by local scientists, engineers, and technicians looking for reference material or just looking to expand their skill set. In addition to the richly appointed decor, the Mendel boasted an impressive collection of books, periodicals, and records.

Ryan Industries took over Fontaine Futuristics following the mobster's bloody confrontation with Ryan Security. Andrew Ryan continued the work done at Failsafe Armored Escorts, but the advent of the Rapture Civil War and Ryan's own frugal nature[1] complicated the daily operations. A shipment of Big Daddy boots was accidentally delivered to the Mendel, causing a state of disarray. Eventually, the war reached the library itself as Atlas and his followers attempted to take over the Point. In the ensuing turmoil, the Mendel was ransacked and fell into disuse.


Pt Prometheus-Mendel Library-02

Watch your head.

Pt Prometheus-Mendel Library-05

A cold corpse or a conniving combatant?

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Jack journeys here in search of more than just higher education. Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum instructs Jack to find all the necessary components to impersonate a Big Daddy. The weighted diving boots form an important part of the disguise, but they're not where they should be.

By 1960, the Mendel is a shadow of its former glory. It's clear that the site was heavily affected by the war. A Security Camera keeps watch by the entrance, a Grenade Launcher Turret guards the connecting hallway, and various ammunition like Pistol Rounds, Frag Grenades, Liquid Nitrogen, and Incendiary Bolts line the shelves. More supplies can be found by the desks in the center such as Film, the Damage Research 2 Gene Tonic, and, most importantly, the needed boots. However, as soon as Jack reaches for the accouterments, a Houdini Splicer playing dead will spring up and attack.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New Plasmids and Gene Tonics (Found)Edit


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The name of the library is a reference to Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics. An Austrian monk and scientist, his pioneering research on genetic inheritance and its laws was critical to the foundation of modern genetics.[2]


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