It's not Pauper's Drop, but still… my family deserves better than Apollo Square.
― Michael Tobet[src]

Michael Tobet is a Rapture citizen only known from loading screen quotes in the BioShock 2 Multiplayer. He is married to Elise Tobet, and together they have a daughter by the name of Adelaide. He used to work on the bathysphere network, but was fired when Andrew Ryan put a lockdown on them. He stood outside the bathysphere stations, since he didn't want to tell his daughter he'd been fired. Eventually, the family moved to Apollo Square. It is there where he meets Atlas and joins the resistance.

While on a raid, Michael encounters Adelaide, who has been turned into a Little Sister after his wife, Elise, had dropped her off at an orphanage earlier. Despite Atlas' claims that the Little Sisters are no longer human, Michael is still apprehensive about taking the Little Sisters, remarking that they cry like any other little girl when they are hurt. Later, Atlas informs Michael that Elise had killed herself by walking into a fire, causing Michael to angrily state that all he wanted to do was go back to work.[1] His fate is unknown.


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