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Monu Island-Skyline01

The Sky-Line to Monument Island.

Give HEED, believers! There is menace! There is THREAT! The FALSE SHEPHERD -- here in Columbia! Full of HATE and avarice and guile, like all his kind in the SODOM BELOW… He seeks the Lamb… And hastens to her Tower, even now… His intent is RUIN…
― Gunship PA[src]

The Monument Island Gateway was the primary means of entrance to Monument Island. Booker DeWitt must travel through here to get to Monument Tower and find Elizabeth.


Monument Island Gondola marquee
We're sorry to say that Monument Island is off-limits. You've got to go! Workmen should proceed to the island by means of the sky-line.
― Automaton Driver[src]

Initially, a Gondola was able to ferry passengers from the Gateway directly to Monument Island to pay homage at the home of the Miracle Child. However, by the time of Booker's arrival in 1912, the Gateway had been closed for some time. Various businesses located here were cut off from tourism traffic and foundered or set up shop elsewhere.

Citizens speculated on the reason for the closure ranging from bad weather, disease, or supernatural haunting, ultimately putting their trust in the Prophet's judgement.[1] The faithful took comfort in viewing the Tower peeking out from the clouds in the distance which had the added effect of making the Miracle Child seem more celestial and mysterious. Workers were still able to use the more circuitous Sky-Line route to send cargo or travel to perform maintenance at Monument Island, but after several strange incidents, the entire site was deemed unsafe to enter.[2]

BioShock InfiniteEdit

Welcome-Shady Lane-Gondola Station

The closed Gondola Station to the Monument Island Gateway in Shady Lane.

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Initially, the entrance to the Gateway can be seen upon exiting Raffle Square in the Town Center. However, news of the False Shepherd's arrival quickly spreads and the drawbridges leading to the Gateway are pulled up, forcing Booker to detour through Shady Lane onto the Comstock Center Rooftops.


Monument Island gateway, as seen through a Telescope.

CCR-Witness Sketch

A facial composite of the False Shepherd.

Stepping into the sunlight from the shadows of the Fraternal Order of the Raven, Booker espies the Monument Island Gondola Station in the distance. Making use of the Freight Hooks, Booker can either proceed directly to the Gondola Station or deviate to the building on the right with the Rolston's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. advertisement. There is little of value inside the residence. On the lower floor, a woman is giving an eyewitness testimony describing the False Shepherd's face to a police sketch artist while another officer speaks with a male citizen. Approaching them will cause the men to attack, though the woman is unarmed.  Moving on to the station, Booker makes quick work of the two guards set to look out for the False Shepherd before entering the Gondola Station.

Monument Island Gondola StationEdit

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Monu Island-Gateway01

Interior of the Monument Island Gondola Station.

The small waiting area at the entrance contains a Veni! Vidi! Vigor! and a Dollar Bill machine as well as a Kinetoscope. Although it has long since been closed to the public, Booker finds the main atrium heavily fortified by the Columbia Police and a Gun Automaton in response to the events from the Raffle. The ticketing offices have some valuable materials to uncover. Exiting the station reveals more vending machines in an alcove while leading to the Gondola dock.

The Sky-LineEdit

Sky Line Freight to Monument Island sign
Monument Gondola A

Docked gondola for Monument Island.

Advancing outside towards the gondola dock, Booker is informed by the automated driver that the gondola to Monument Island has been shut down until further notice, but that workmen can proceed by using the Sky-Line. Booker recalls the police using the line to travel back at the raffle and figures it's worth a shot.

Monument Tower MaintenanceEdit

BillBoard Short Tower maintinence

Booker leaps onto the Sky-Lines to a Monument Tower Maintenance depot. The lower platform features Telescope with the guardroom containing several bottles of Beer and Silver Eagles along with an Infusion on the desk.

Skyline Control sign

Hopping onto the Sky-Line again leads to the upper maintenance platform. Freight cars block the in the path, but can be cleared using the Sky-Line Control. Th quarters contain Salts and a Voxophone.

Abandoned IslandEdit

Monument Island Gateway-Abandoned Hotel

Closed for business.

The Sky-Line route is blocked by some stationary cargo containers. Booker slows to a stop just as a unit of Founders pull up on a Hovercraft to patrol an abandoned floating island that consists of a Harper's Family Drugstore, a Cigar Shop, a hotel, and another building. While the agents discuss the Vox Populi, Booker swings down and attacks. When the ones on the ground are taken out, some emerge on the hotel balcony. On the balcony, Booker can either take the line directly or cut through the ransacked room which contains some supplies, including a random piece of Gear.

The TollingEdit

Comstock Police Force

Comstock addresses Booker

The only way forward to Monument Island is the Sky-Line above, but Booker needs to reach a higher point to access it, so he heads towards the adjacent clock tower as officers shoot at him.

Zachary Hale Comstock suddenly orders his forces to stand down over a PA system and they kneel to pray. Booker enters the tower and rides a lift to the top unopposed. As he does, Comstock addresses him from a giant monitor attached to a Security Zeppelin, revealing that he knows who Booker is and his mission before warning him to leave. Booker mysteriously gets a nosebleed after the speech.


Comstock's Security Zeppelin

Booker heads towards the rooftop access to the Sky-Line, but the zeppelin sideswipes the building. He boards the vessel, wipes out the armed guards, and enters the bridge to steer the airship to Monument Island. The control room is empty, save for a female pilgrim in white robes praying at a candle-lit shrine. Booker calms her, stating he won't hurt her and takes the helm. Comstock suddenly appears aboard a fast-moving gondola, says a brief prayer, and flies off at which point the woman immolates herself and sets the dirigible ablaze, forcing Booker to jump ship onto the Sky-Line below amidst burning debris.

It leads to the abandoned entrance to Monument Island. The doors are flanked by two vending machines, but the place is eerily silent without any further pursuers. Signs hint at a longtime quarantine against the danger within, but Booker presses on.

New DiscoveriesEdit


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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • According to Outsidexbox, the pilgrim who sets herself on fire in the zeppelin was originally a young boy.[3]


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