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AudioLog MorrisLauderman
And before I knew it, Ryan had me bounced out of my own restaurant — and that Korean had the run of the place.
― Morris Lauderman[src]

Morris Lauderman was a citizen of Rapture and the proud owner of the Silver Fin Restaurant, located in the Housewares department of Fontaine's.


He was running a good business until he started seeing odd lights, showing floating buildings and one day a mysterious girl showed up out of nowhere, wearing an old blue dress. He reported it and the word soon got to Andrew Ryan, who had Lauderman kicked out from his own restaurant when Dr. Yi Suchong took over, converting the restaurant into a laboratory, for him to use and investigate the new phenomena. He deeply regretted telling anyone about the strange occurrences, considering he lost his own business because of it.[1]

Audio Diary[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]


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