Heartless — that's what this town is…
― Moses Lydecker[src]

Moses Lydecker was a citizen of Rapture. He was hired by Ryan Industries to help turn Fontaine's Department Store into a prison.


Moses Lydecker was sent along with other workers to the Department Store building of Fontaine's to hastily transform the former shopping complex into a prison in only ten days. Just before the prisoners were moved to the prison, a malfunctioning Turret destroyed both of his kneecaps, crippling him. Disabled, he was left behind when the other people hired by Ryan left.[1] Lydecker did his best to avoid conflict with the prisoners, so he hid in a ventilation system in the Menswear department[2] and later barricaded himself behind locked doors in the Ladieswear's Shoestore. He sent numerous Audio Diaries through the Pneumo Lines back to Rapture, but to no avail, as they were all sent back to him reading "Insufficient Postage".[3]

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth come across some of his audio diaries on their journey, one of which tells them his current location: the Shoestore in Ladieswear. With the code for the door from one of his audio diaries, Booker and Elizabeth enter. They find Lydecker's corpse, sprawled out on the ground, and it's unclear if he ended his life before a Splicer got to him or if he bled out from other injuries.

Audio DiariesEdit

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Moses Lydecker was originally named Charlie Lydecker. The Audio Diary "Half-Ass" was recorded under that name which was left unused.


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