Eleonor Lamb.png Title Mr. Tape Recorder
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Atlantic Express
Mr. Tape Recorder
Transcript: Hello Mr. Diary. Want to play? "Actually, I'm quite busy right now, miss Eleanor. Maybe later." Well, all right. But do you mind if I take you apart while I wait? I promise I'll put you back together! "Wait! You can't do thaaaat... noooo... waaaaiiiit, wait Eleaaanoooorrrr..." (clattering)

Location: Through the fan at the end of the Maintenance Runoff Pumping Station tunnel; Telekinesis required to obtain it.

Mr. Tape Recorder

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • As shown in the localization files, this audio diary (audio file EDU_L_LBS_MrRecorder_01) was originally meant to be found in the Ryan Amusements level.
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