Eleonor Lamb Title My Name is Eleanor
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Siren Alley
My Name is Eleanor
AD gNr071-lNr16 Eleanor Lamb - My Name is Eleanor f0147
Transcript: I'm all alone here. Mr. Diary. You're my whispering friend. A doctor keeps coming to see me. He says Rapture needs me, and tomorrow I'll be leaving with him. I ask why... and he just smiles. I'm not an orphan. Mum's alive somewhere. And Aunt Gracie is still probably looking for me. But I can't wait for them. I'm going to escape and find Amir, and we'll steal a submarine. Before it's tomorrow, I'll know what sunshine feels like...

Location: In the dormitory room of the Little Sister's Orphanage in a wagon. NOTE: It can only be accessed before the flood.

AD gNr071-lNr16 Eleanor Lamb - My Name is Eleanor f0148

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