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New Eden Cafe Sign

The New Eden Cafe or Cafe New Eden is a business running in Columbia. As its name suggests, it is a coffee shop where citizens can lounge about.

BioShock Infinite[]

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Town Center[]

New Eden Cafe

The Shady Lane branch.

While making his way through the city of Columbia, Booker DeWitt, now branded as the False Shepard, must pass through Shady Lane to preside. A branch of the New Eden Cafe can be found neighboring Patriot's Pride and Harper's Family Drugstore on the lane. The store is closed and gated, as the street was closed down during the 1912 Columbia Raffle and Fair, in favor of the Raffle Square. Lit lanterns hang by the entrance and a Columbia's Finest Ice wagon, containing a bottle of Salts and a Medical Kit, is parked outside.

Soldier's Field[]

Although an actual branch is not encountered by Booker and Elizabeth in Soldier's Field, a large sign is placed on a building near the Hall of Heroes elevator, advertising the café.

Cafe New Eden Sign

Downtown Emporia[]

Much like Soldier's Field, a New Eden Cafe is not encountered in Downtown Emporia either, but it is advertised. Right above the Art Gallery in the downtown area, one will find a large green-lit sign for the business.

Clash in the Clouds[]

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A similar sign to the one found in Downtown Emporia of the main game can be seen in the Emporia Arcade arena, except that it glows yellow instead of green and many of the sign's light bulbs has run out. It is located on top of a building (if the building contains the café is unknown), set near the Downtown Emporia entrance and a Motorized Patriot pod.