News Vendor

News Vendor machine.

A News Vendor is a paper distributing machine found throughout Rapture in BioShock, BioShock 2 and Burial at Sea, and can usually be found in public places like malls, shops and train stations.

The player cannot interact with the News Vendor machines, and they have no use in-game. However, a vendor can be found outside of the Player's Apartment in BioShock 2 Multiplayer that show the leaderboards.


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Rapture Tribune vending machines are usually found in a neglected and dilapidated state, but occasionally the player will come across a new machine in a pristine condition. These pristine machines have a clear glass door and it is possible to see a newspaper inside.

The headlines on the front page of the newspaper read:

  • Recent Bloodshed Causes Panic
  • Five Dead in Latest Attacks After Months of Peace
  • Arcadia Sets Curfew Once Again Due To Outbreaks of Violence

BioShock 2Edit

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The same Rapture Tribune vending machines can be found eight years after the events of BioShock, with the same out-dated newspaper inside.

BioShock 2 MultiplayerEdit

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The same Rapture Tribune vending machine can be found at the exit of the Player's Apartment. It can be used to view personal statistics; Rank, amount of acquired ADAM, non-private match stats, time played, favorite character, weapon, Plasmid, and Gene Tonic.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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BaS1 News Vendors Triple

A News Vendor trio.

Different newspaper vending machines can be found on Market and High Street, selling not only the Rapture Tribune, but also Rapture Daily Post and Do Tell!.

The headlines on the front of each newspaper reads:

Rapture Tribune

  • Rapture, 1958: The year that was. An in-depth look at the events that shaped our lives.

Rapture Daily Post

Do Tell!


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