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A pack of Nico-Time.

Nico-Time brand cigarettes! Rapture's choice, your choice.
― Advertisement[src]

Nico-Time (or Nico Time) is a brand of cigarettes in Rapture. It was a fairly popular brand while Rapture was still a functioning society, before the Civil War broke up. Nico-Time was affordable, making it the perfect choice for Albert Milonakis, a proud smoker of the brand. The cigarettes were rumored to be made out of sea shells and fish eggs,[1] as real tobacco was not easy to produce under the sea,[2] making it a lower quality than its competitor Oxford Club.[1] The brand's logo is an eagle. When the halls of Rapture turned into battlefields, Nico-Time Tobacco sacks were used to build barricades.

Nico-Time next to Tenenbaum during Minerva's Den.

Nico-Time cigarettes can be found and smoked during BioShock and BioShock 2, causing the player to lose health while their EVE is increased. In Minerva's Den, a pack of Nico-Time can be seen next to Brigid Tenenbaum in Charles Milton Porter's Bathysphere during the game's final. In Burial at Sea, advertisements for the brand can be both seen and heard.


Behind the Scenes[]

The "Lady Golfing" clip art.

  • The golfing woman seen on the Nico-Time "Tee off for flavor!" advertisement is a royalty-free "Lady Golfing" clip art.
  • The Nico-Time advertisement found in Burial at Sea, reading "The smooth taste expecting mothers crave!", was designed by Kat Berkley.