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But I believe I can do some good down here, now… with the Family… well, we have a shot at surviving that fucking bedlam going on up there.
― Nigel Weir[src]

Nigel Weir was the warden of Persephone. He was originally a fairly brutal, cold-hearted warden, but when Sofia Lamb fully took over the prison she convinced him to have a change of heart. His Audio Diaries suggest that he was complacent with his role in Doctor Lamb's work at the prison. As long as it helped him to keep his position of warden, he didn't really mind lending prisoners to her for her "therapy sessions." He seemed unaware of the fact that some prisoners had secured parts of the access code to his tower and were close to storming it.

Audio Diaries[]

BioShock 2[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Warden Nigel Weir is voiced by the same actor as Daniel Wales, Graham Rowat.[1]
  • Due to some errors in the game's versions, Nigel's audio diary picture in-game is the same as Davis Pittman's in an audio diary that was featured on the Cult of Rapture. However, the BioShock 2 Strategy Guide shows the true diary image for Weir and it can be found in the game's files.


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