Nina Carnagie
What will happen once I'm gone? They'll be… all alone…
― Nina Carnegie[src]

Nina Carnegie was a citizen of Rapture.


During the New Year's Eve of 1959, Nina volunteered as a chaperone for a group of school children in Ms. Englert's third grade class. She was watching over them during a sleepover visit at Ryan Amusements so their parents could celebrate the New Year in peace. Nina was slightly overwhelmed by the children's behavior, but as the night came everything calmed down.[1] Around midnight, she was the last one of the group still awake and recorded an audio diary wondering what the new year would bring. A distant explosion was heard and the power went out.[2]

When the park was cut off from the rest of Rapture, she and the children were trapped inside. A kindhearted woman, Nina continued to look after her charges even as their situation grew desperate. Two weeks after the park was closed their supplies had dwindled to the point where Nina gave her food to the children, feeling that they needed it more than she did even as she wasted away.[3] After her death, the children lovingly built a shrine of sorts around her body to show their gratitude.

BioShock 2Edit

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If Subject Delta chooses to go to the right of the family exhibit in Journey to the Surface, he can walk up on an animatronic arm prop that leads to a ledge where Nina's undisturbed body can be found.

Audio DiariesEdit

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