Harold Parson Title No More Hope Left
Speaker Harold Parson
Level Inner Persephone
No More Hope Left
AD gNr122-lNr10 Harold Parson - No More Hope Left f0258
Transcript: It's time to leave this place. I held out hope for months that I'd see my family again, but it seems like this rope is my only ticket to freedom. I'm sure Ryan has seized the bookstore, no telling where Gloria and Billy will have to... live... Can't seem to form a complete thought anymore. Can't sleep with that glow coming in the windows. Things out there watching us. Maybe I'll get to sleep now...

Location: On a corpse hanging from a rope in one of the cells of Cell Block B in the Holding wing.

AD gNr122-lNr10 Harold Parson - No More Hope Left f0259

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