BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon9 Title Observation #22
Speaker Yi Suchong
Level Housewares
Date October the 15th, 1958
Observation #22
Observation 22
Transcript: Observation #22 regarding unknown phenomena. What is source of phenomena? Suchong employ observers; observer task to find more phenomena. Observer reports back young woman, appear from phenomena. And just as soon, young woman disappear. Observer has nothing else to report on topic. If Suchong can find this woman, she will make interesting new phenomena.

Location: On a desk, in the office past the gap at the back of the Appliances department.

VP gNr098-lNr05 Yi Suchong - Observation -22 f0698 VP gNr098-lNr05 Yi Suchong - Observation -22 f0699

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