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Old Tom Whiskey

Old Tom Whiskey, as it appears in game.

It packs a wallop!
― Old Tom advertising[src]

Old Tom Whiskey is one of the several different types of drinking alcohol found in Rapture. Alcohol restores Health, but drains EVE. If multiple units are consumed back to back, a short duration of blurry/double vision will occur.

The Booze Hound Gene Tonic will make drinkable alcohol restore EVE, rather than draining it.

As with all alcoholic beverages, the Incinerate! Plasmid can turn this drink into a deadly weapon. If set aflame, use Telekinesis to throw it at enemies.

Help Caption[]

A bottle of Old Tom Whiskey will restore a small amount of Health, but drain a small amount of EVE. Like all food and drink, it is Consumed immediately when picked up.

Behind the Scenes[]

Alternate Old Tom Whiskey Poster

The early design for the advertisement.

  • Though called Old Tom Whiskey in-game, the label on the bottle says Old Tar and the icon labels it as "Old Hat".
  • The back of the bottle labels it as 1.75 liters and made in Kentucky, suggesting that Old Tom Whiskey may have been contraband brought to Rapture by smugglers.
  • There is a bottle of Old Tom in the tutorial level Welcome to Rapture that has the in-game model for the Lacan Scotch bottle.
  • An early design for the advertisement features an A symbol instead of the $ symbol seen in-game. This is due to the fact that ADAM was in the early stages of development meant to be used as the city's currency, instead of the Rapture Dollar.