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Olympus Heights.png
You will not believe me, but there was a time when this was all so beautiful…
― Brigid Tenenbaum[src]

Olympus Heights is the tenth level of BioShock. This district was once where the upper class of Rapture had their apartments, but it was hit hard during the Civil War, leaving it in a terrible state.


Jack will have to venture through the area in order to locate samples of an antidote to remove Fontaine's mental control over him.


Everyone wanted to live in Olympus Heights.

Olympus Heights was an area which, similar to Apollo Square, contained a central tram route to connect the residential districts to the rest of the city. The district housed some of the most well-established apartments buildings in all of Rapture, Mercury Suites and Athena's Glory. Mercury Suites contained the most luxurious and expensive apartments in Rapture, belonging to only the most successful workers and residents, including Brigid Tenenbaum, Sander Cohen and even the infamous Frank Fontaine.

There also existed a number of businesses in the district which catered exclusively to the upper class. The bistro at the center of the district offered fine food and expensive drinks to the wealthy as they passed through the tram lines on their way to or from work. The Adonis Luxury Resort, located within the area, also provided a relaxing getaway and offered a number of spa treatments and recreational facilities.

During the war, life in Olympus Heights became dangerous as the entire area became a literal war zone. Rebels from Apollo Square gained access to Olympus Heights thanks to the tram tunnels, and the district was continuously under the threat of attack. Even with increased security measures, curfews, and police barricades, almost all of the businesses in the district were left in ruins and the trams ceased functioning. As the war dragged into 1960, the violence slowed, but the damage had already been done.


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Tenenbaum's Sanctuary and Olympus Heights Sewers[]

A home for the children.

After his hard fall while escaping Rapture Central Control, Jack awakens in the Little Sister Safehouse. Here in the sewers of Olympus Heights, the penitent Dr. Tenenbaum made a meager but pleasant place for eighteen little girls rescued from Sisterhood. The shelter is lightly furnished and has beds for fourteen children and one adult, books and toys to keep the girls occupied, and storage crates containing useful supplies.

Some time has passed since Fontaine's takeover of Rapture. Tenenbaum informs Jack that she's removed most of the mental conditioning, but not all. For Jack to be truly free, he must head to Dr. Suchong's apartment to look for a total cure. A little girl then escorts Jack out of the sanctuary and up to a section of the Heights' drainage basin. Alerted to Jack's presence, Fontaine mocks the futility of his endeavors and then activates Code Yellow. Jack fixes the Sewer Gate Winch by returning the Crank to its Socket, and enters Olympus Heights proper only to find that it's a sad ruin of its former glory.

Athena's Glory[]

Athena's Glory Sign.png

When Jack exits the sewers, he finds the entrance to Athena's Glory is blocked by a huge amount of Debris and a derailed tram car. Two Splicers search through the rubble for loot. Since there is no way of entering the building, it is impossible to tell how much damage has been done, but it is unlikely that it is in good shape given the condition of the street outside it.

Central Square Bistro[]

Central Square Bistro Sign.png

How about a little bite to eat while the city drowns?

Located, as its name would suggest, at the center of Olympus Heights, the Central Square Bistro was a popular tavern located at the community's central hub. From here, tram tunnels connect two of the districts main residences, Mercury Suites and Athena's Glory. The entrance to a third tunnel on the west has become blocked by debris by the time of Jack's arrival, and a bulkhead on the east side provides the only entrance to Apollo Square from Olympus Heights. From the area's heightened security, scattered corpses, and general devastation it's apparent that not even the city's wealthiest citizens were safe from the chaos that ensued in Rapture during the Civil War and Atlas' attacks.

Tram Tunnel[]

Further on is a long and winding tram tunnel leading to Mercury Suites. The entire tram system was destroyed when the major fighting of the war broke out. Now it's dark and slightly flooded. Residents and security personnel set up sandbag barriers and other defense perimeters along the system. The tunnel itself is littered with debris and corpses, but Splicers still linger in the area. One Splicer has set up a sniper's nest atop an information kiosk at the end of the tunnel.

Mercury Suites[]

Mercury Suites Street Sign.png

A family of five chose death as an escape from the newfound chaos.

The only accessible complex in Olympus Heights, is in a state of decay (with the exception of, and not coincidentally, Fontaine's home). Tenenbaum's home was raided by supporters of Fontaine, Yi Suchong's home was flooded and many of his confidential plans were destroyed, Culpepper had been murdered by Chief of Security Sullivan acting on orders, and Sander Cohen had locked himself in his room (just as in Fort Frolic) with his growing insanity. One abandoned apartment contains a family that appear to have died peacefully on the couch in front of a television set. However, a jar on the coffee table bears a label inscribed with a skull and crossbones, thus showing that the family turned to this unfortunate last resort to escape the spreading chaos in Rapture. This destruction shows how every citizen, regardless of class and power, was affected drastically by the war and drawbacks of using Plasmids.


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New Discoveries[]

Little Sisters in this Level

Ungathered Icon.png Ungathered Icon.png 

Single Use Events[]

New Plasmids and Tonics (Found)[]

New Plasmids and Tonics (Available at a Gatherer's Garden)[]

New Enemies[]

Coded Doors[]

  • Mercury Suites elevator, 5744

Audio Diaries[]

For Radio Messages in Olympus Heights, see Radio Messages: Olympus Heights - Apollo Square.
  1. Yi Suchong - Mozart of Genetics - Olympus Heights Bistro Square snack bar near bulkhead to Apollo Square.
  2. Yi Suchong - Fontaine's Human Jukebox - Suchong's Apartment 1st floor (west of main square) on floor in south room.
  3. Yi Suchong - Mind Control Antidote - Suchong's Apartment 1st floor (west of main square) on floor in southern most room.
  4. Sullivan - Artist Woman - Culpepper's Apartment on corner table in room next to Security Camera (music sheets on floor).
  5. Paparazzi - Fontaine's Breakup - Mercury Suites go up the stairs in the main square to the 3rd floor, near U-Invent machine on the walkway (says elevator code is 5744).
  6. Frank Fontaine - Sad Saps - Fontaine's Apartment after the big hall, go up the stairs and turn right, go into room, on coffee table near cigars.


Extended Walkthrough

Tenenbaum's Safe House

  • Weapons and Plasmids are disabled, but the player can pick things up.
  • A First Aid Kit ("FAK") is right beside Jack.
  • Snacks are laying around the area.
  • There's an EVE Hypo to the left when walking through the downstairs area.
  • A crate is on the other side.
  • Some cash is on one of the bunks.
  • Don't go upstairs until a Little Sister says: "Come with me."
  • Upstairs: a lockbox with components is in a corner.
  • Follow the Little Sister to find a door leading to…

Olympus Heights Sewers

  • Cross the sewer and walk along the wall to a crate with cash.
  • Cross over at the end and pick up the Gate Crank.
  • An Automatic Hack Tool is in a lockbox. Coffee, Potato Chips, and a lockbox are nearby.
  • Walk back to the Gate Crank Socket and do the obvious.
  • Fontaine says Jack's health capacity will be reduced little by little.
  • Hopefully, the player has been buying all the Health Upgrades as they went.
  • Whatever one starts with, it will never completely run out.
  • Go up the ramp to arrive in…

Street #1

  • Splicers are going to be a lot tougher in Olympus Heights.
  • Turn right, walk to the street, look left for a Frag on the ground.
  • Before one rushes to get it, look left further down for two Splicers.
  • Incendiary Bolts are a good choice. Be sure to zoom in.
  • Walk down to them and do the usual looting.
  • Go left to the fire and look right.
  • Safe: Very Hard. 4 Electric Buck, 98 Napalm, 2 FAKs.
  • If the player left the Automatic Hack Tool in the lockbox, use one on the safe and go back for it.
  • A Big Daddy and Little Sister will come by. Take photos, but don't kill.
  • Easier prey lies ahead.

Building #1

  • Enter the door on the right and run straight to the wall.
  • A Turret is inside. Hack it.
  • A Security Camera is off to the right, so back out the way one came.
  • Enter from the right, stop, look over at the Camera.
  • Wait for a Nitro Splicer to appear near the device.
  • Hit him with an Incendiary Bolt and move to the left of the front area.
  • The Splicer should come after Jack if the shot didn't kill him.
  • When the hacked Turret starts firing, come back out and help.
  • Go back in and hack the Security Camera and the Health Station.
  • Go through the left side of the bar; pick up cash, Audio Diary: Mozart Of Genetics.
  • At the edge of the next doorway, set a Target Dummy down the hall.
  • When the Turret starts firing, run out and hack it.
  • Run back into the bar until things settle down.
  • An El Ammo Bandito (Very Hard) has 3 Proximity Mines.
  • Exit the bar by the Security Camera and continue to the left.
  • A Circus of Values ("CoV"): Very Hard. Proxy Mines and Automatic Hack Tools.
  • Kill the Rosie.
  • Visit the Gatherer's Garden.
  • Follow the arrow to…

Street #2

  • A "corpse" is against a pole in the middle.
  • Use Telekinesis ("TK") to fetch his body.
  • When it doesn't come, zoom in and put an I-Bolt to his head.
  • Advance to the pole to loot him. Something blinks further down right.
  • Use TK to fetch a Crossbow (4 Bolts).
  • Something blinks way down left. Fetch the Electric Buck.
  • There are more things to fetch in this area, such as more Electric Buck.
  • A railway carriage on the left with EVE, Liquid Nitrogen, cash and snacks.
  • Continue down to the U-Invent.
  • Get Target Dummy ready because tough Splicers await at the entry to…

Mercury Suites

  • A Security Camera (Medium) is to the left of the entry.
  • A BD and LS will appear when one enters. Kill it.
  • If the player wanted anything they couldn't afford at the last Gatherer's Garden, now is the time to return to get it. Soon it won't be possible until after a very long time.
  • Hack the Security Camera.
  • Around the corner is a Power to the People station with Napalm in front of it.
  • Further in front of it is a corpse with a Grenade Launcher (1 Frag).
  • Facing the back wall, go to the left to…
  • Suchong's Apartment:
    • Room to left: Leadhead behind sandbags. Recording: Fontaine's Human Jukebox.
    • Room to right: Thuggish, corpses with cash.
    • Flooded room: Recording: Mind Control Antidote, Clever Inventor, crates.
    • Try to exit the apartment and an RPG Turret to the right will shoot at Jack.
    • To hack it without losing health:
      • Approach the door from the right until it opens.
      • Set a Target Dummy in the doorway and bring up a weapon.
      • Time an exit for the right after an RPG whizzes through.
      • Run straight out to the left side of the wall ahead.
      • A Splicer will be around somewhere. Kill him.
      • Turn around and put another Target Dummy by Suchong's door.
      • Run around the left side of the wall and hack the Turret.
  • Anna Culpepper's Apartment:
    • A Security Camera is in a hall to the left.
    • After hacking it, run to the other side of the room and
    • put a Target Dummy in front of it for the 2 Splicers.
    • In the room is a recording: Artist Woman.
    • Go to the right of the camera and loot.
    • Don't miss the FAK up in a cabinet.
    • Upstairs in a flooded room: EVE and a FAK on sofa.
    • Steamer trunk has components. Corpse in tub has ~$32.
    • Exit apartment and head left to…

A pair of Houdini Splicers waltzing in Cohen's apartment.

  • Cohen's Apartment:
    • If the player didn't kill Cohen at Fort Frolic, now's their chance.
    • Room to the left: Splicer playing dead, Liquid Nitrogen, Napalm.
    • Room to the right is a kitchen. Some food, Coffee.
    • Door to the right is locked. Cohen is upstairs.
    • If one hasn't yet killed Cohen:
      • Set up two or three Proxy Mines right onto the door.
      • Put the rest of the Proximity Mines on the steps down to the dance room.
      • Move to the room to the right and Napalm the dancers.
      • Move back into the corner and wait.
      • When Cohen's blown up, take a picture of him (PS3 and Xbox360 only).
      • His corpse has good loot, including his key.
      • Go upstairs and loot: 2 Frags, ammo, 2 FAKs in bathroom.
      • Visit the Power To The People station.
    • Downstairs: Electric Buck, FAK, ammo.
    • Exit and go…
  • Up the Ramp:
    • Get off at the 2nd floor and turn left.
    • A Nitro Splicer is coming from the left walkway.
    • The most efficient way to kill him is to run up close to him.
    • From point blank range, start shooting Antipersonnel Auto Rounds.
    • About a dozen rounds will do him in.
  • Apartment On Opposite Side:
    • A family is dead in the living room, with a bottle of poison on the table. EVE on the desk to the left.
    • A lone Thuggish Splicer can be encountered in the room beyond the arches.
    • Behind a bed in back is a safe: Hard, ammo, $68, 2 Brass Tubes.
    • Bathroom (trapped): EVE, Film, FAK.
  • Ramp Up To 3rd Floor:
    • A fixed Security Camera detects Jack when the player reaches the 3rd floor.
    • Liquid Nitrogen will freeze it. Run up to it and hack it while it's frozen.
    • Turn right and go to end of hall: 2 Frags and ammo in a hole in the wall.
    • Continue down the hall.
  • Unmarked apartment has very little besides three tough Splicers. Skip it or save it for later.
  • "Corpse" on the floor just past the apartment is not dead. Rectify that with an I-Bolt.
  • Continue to a U-Invent and on to some Film, recording: Fontaine's Breakup.
  • This recording has the code to Fontaine's elevator's lock.
  • Continue to a large hole in wall, which is…
  • Tenenbaum's Apartment:
    • Health Station, EVE, FAK to the right.
    • Go through two rooms, turn right, past some stairs to a room with a Splicer.
    • Room has cash, EVE, Proximity Mine, FAK up high.
    • Go back and down the stairs to a series of flooded rooms.
    • Room to the right of the door has a Machine Gun Turret in the back.
    • Safe: Very Hard, 2 Alcohol, $55, 6 Incendiary Bolts.
    • Door has a lock on it. Leadhead Splicer waits on the other side.
      • Stay in the room with the hacked Turret, in the corner left of the doorway.
      • Shoot the lock. She will come in looking for Jack.
      • If the player has Natural Camouflage, all she'll see is the Turret.
  • Go back to first floor and the elevator to…

Fontaine's apartment.

  • Fontaine's Penthouse:
    • Code to elevator: 5744 (from earlier recording).
    • The trip to the penthouse door is very tricky.
    • Here is one possible strategy:
      • Stay in the elevator until one sees a Splicer to the right walking away.
      • Get Crossbow ready with I-Bolts.
      • Get out, move to the left walkway, and back up into a nook.
      • Look right and note the Bot Shutdown Panel.
      • The player should only need it if they don't have Target Dummy.
      • Wait for a Splicer to show up at the far end of the walkway.
      • Zoom in for a headshot and kill him when he's close enough.
      • Inch over to the left until one sees a Splicer at the far end.
      • A middle shot will kill him without hurting the Turret.
      • Move back to the elevator and walk to the big rock.
      • Set a Target Dummy out to the right for the Turret and the Security Camera.
      • Move around the left side of rock, hack the Turret, run to the wall left of the door.
      • Watch for a Splicer and help the Turret kill her.
      • Hack the Security Camera.
  • Go inside to the room on the right. Recording: Sad Saps.
  • Go up the stairs on the left, through the bedroom to the study.
  • Go out the other door, cross the walkway, get out Electro Bolt.
  • A Turret is behind the bar to the right.
  • The player will have to zap it and run around the bar to hack it.
  • Safe: Very Hard. Liquid Nitrogen, 2 EVE Hypo, about $37.
  • Go back to the study: Electric Flesh 2, Napalm, Lot 192.
  • Go back downstairs. Watch for Splicers (may be none on Medium and Easy).
  • As soon as the front door opens, a Nitro Splicer attacks.
  • Since one cannot rely on Telekinesis anymore, have Frags ready.
  • Keep firing Grenades and backing up until everyone's dead.
  • Alternatively, set Proxy Mines and Trap Bolts before going in.
  • A Splicer-Bot pair will be at the far end by the elevator.
  • Easiest kill is to shoot a Trap Bolt in his path.
  • Loot all around (just in case) and take the elevator back down.
  • Wait for any excitement to die down, loot all around the room.
  • Follow the arrow back out to Street #2 and back to…

Building #1

  • Splicers are around, including a Nitro, but can be avoided.
  • A CoV machine is to the left when one enters.
  • Keep going left to the bulkhead to Apollo Square.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 2

The District is mentioned a couple times during the second episode of Burial at Sea. One of the female Splicer personas Elizabeth encounters in Fontaine's Department Store is a former Miss Rapture candidate. She repeats her pageant speech along with a song while walking on a "catwalk" in Bathyspheres DeLuxe, which reveals that she was representing Olympus Heights. The Test-Drive in the Housewares department's Bathyspheres DeLuxe has been taken over by Atlas' men. Elizabeth needs to go here to obtain the Old Man Winter Plasmid and while going through, she finds a map of Rapture with possible targets for a riot. One of the suggestions is the Adonis Luxury Resort, located somewhere in the Heights.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Olympus Heights refers to Mount Olympus in Greece, which was regarded as "the home of the gods" in Greek mythology.[1] The name of this district would suggest that those who live here had reached the pinnacle of success and glory.
  • When the player enters the airlock in Olympus Heights to Apollo Square the floor of the airlock is clean, however after entering Apollo Square the same airlock will be filled with rubble. This will reverse when the player re-enters Olympus Heights and will return if the player goes back.


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