Operations Sign
Visitors to Minerva's Den are reminded that the Operations wing of Rapture Central Computing is strictly off limits.
― Announced Guidelines[src]

Operations is the second level of BioShock 2's downloadable content, Minerva's Den, and the main facilities of Rapture Central Computing.


Operations was where engineers worked on conception and programming of computing devices and where computer processing for the city's businesses was carried out. They created such marvels as programming for The Thinker and even the world's first video game. It is also the only access path to The Thinker.


Minerva's DenEdit

Main article: Minerva's Den

Operations EntranceEdit

Operations Entrance

Not a very welcoming entrance.

Operations consists of a reception area that opens into a large hall. The reception contains several elevators, a Gene Bank and some seats for those who could not be helped immediately.

Central HallEdit

The Central Hall contains panels to control the Thinker and one of the biggest television screens found in Rapture. It contains a Health Station, a Circus of Values and a Gatherer's Garden. From here Operations branches off into four sections:

Machine GraveyardEdit

Airlock Sign Machine Graveyard

Originally just an airlock allowing acces to the seafloor outside Operations, the seafloor has turned into a Machine graveyard containing all kinds of obsolete and broken machinery.


Programming Sign

Programming contained the offices and workplaces for those who were involved in programming the Thinker. Both Reed Wahl and Felix Birnbaum had offices in this wing.

Ventilation ControlEdit

Ventilation Control Sign

Located at the end of the central hall, Ventilation Control offers access to Climate Control with its Turbine and Turbine Maintenance sections, Exhaust Venting and a tunnel to Core Access.

Core AccessEdit

Core Access Sign

This small part of Operations is located at the far end of Operations. It consists of an airlock connecting The Thinker with the rest of Minerva's Den. Other than some carts with clean suits, a corpse and some ammunition, this room is empty.


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Power to the
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New DiscoveriesEdit

Little Sisters in this Level

Ungathered Icon Ungathered Icon Ungathered Icon

  • There are 7 ADAM corpses.


New WeaponryEdit

New PlasmidsEdit

New Gene TonicsEdit

New EnemiesEdit

Coded DoorsEdit

  • Programming - 2341

Audio DiariesEdit

For Radio Messages in Operations, see Radio Messages: Operations.
  1. Brigid Tenenbaum - Partnership with Porter - On a terminal behind Gatherer's Garden in entry of Operations.
  2. Andrew Ryan - The Man and the Machine - Directly in front of the door when entering the Airlock.
  3. Ernestine Franklin - Signal Beacon - In the flooded area right in front of the Airlock.
  4. Reed Wahl - In Capable Hands - System Programming (Door just says Programming). Diary found straight ahead under leaking ceiling windows.
  5. Charles Milton Porter - How We Met - Programming. From room with all the Security Cameras go to left side hallway. Diary is in the room a crossed from a Security Camera. Hardy Machines Tonic next to it.
  6. Johan Mordhagen - Spitfire - Next to the Spitfire Game.
  7. Brent Hudson - Milk Money - Room to the right of Spitfire Game on the wallto the right of the door.
  8. Felix Birnbaum - Behind the Scenes - Door right next to Milk Money diary.
  9. Reed Wahl - The Books are the Code - In a drawer behind Reed Wahl's desk.
  10. Reed Wahl - Wheels within Wheels - Exhaust Venting. Follow sign to Climate Control past the Gatherer's Garden, around to the right side, and take the elevator down. Diary is in the middle of the room containing Incinerate! 2.
  11. Andrew Ryan - Porter's Legacy - In the room past the frozen tunnel on the console, on the way to the Climate Control area.
  12. Charles Milton Porter - Pearl, Alone - Across from the safe with MINE written on the wall heading to Climate Control. In the last alcove on the cooling blade.
  13. Reed Wahl - Detonating the Tunnel - In left chamber prior to entering the Climate Control area. It's across from a vent.