Organic Pockets was a Gene Tonic in BioShock that was removed from the final version of the game. It allowed the player to have double the normal capacity for ammunition, First Aid Kits, and EVE Hypos. This tonic was ultimately removed from the game prior to release, but still can be enabled on the PC version with modification. It is also obtainable on BioShock 2 PC version, but lacks it's "FriendlyName" and "Description" that were removed from Plasmids.ini file.

Specifications (at the Time)Edit

  • Use: Lets you carry more ammo, hypos, first aid kits and other stuff.
  • Sales Pitch: There's a lot to carry around in this world, and we're here to help! Organic Pockets literally creates stretchy folds in your epidermis capable of storing almost anything you can think of. Carry the day with Organic Pockets![1]


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