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Painless Dental Logo
Painless Dental

The entrance to Painless Dental.

We're there when it hurts!
― Painless Dental[src]

Painless Dental is a dental facility located in the Dental Services Area of the lower level of the Medical Pavilion in Rapture.


Painless Dental is similar to the two other dental facilities in the Medical Pavilion. It can be found east of Chomper's Dental and southwest of Dandy Dental. Like the other clinics, it consists of a reception desk and an operating room.


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In 1960, when Jack arrives to Rapture, the entrance to this dental facility remains somewhat intact. The flooding from Chomper's Dental can be seen from the doorway. Once a prominent dental clinic, Painless Dental now remains as a home to an artistic Splicer. Unlike the other dental facilities, it has a small ventilation space leading to the supply closet in the Dental Services Area.


The reception desk is a small room at the entrance to Painless Dental. This cozy room consists of a waiting bench, a large window with a view of Chomper's Dental, and two port holes giving a glance at Rapture's exterior. Initially, the front door is locked from the inside and Jack must find another way in. This room is being guarded by a lone Turret. It is positioned to fire at anything entering the clinic or even walking by its window. An advertisement for Painless Dental can be seen on the wall behind the desk. A small trail of bandages can be found leading to the operating room.

Operating Room[]

Painless Dental Operating Room

This room contains only one dental chair.

Behind the reception desk lies the operating room. As Jack enters, steam from a broken vent surrounds him in an foggy mist. As the haze clears, Jack finds a corpse in the chair in front of him. The operation room remains surprisingly intact. Medical cabinets as well as a dental chair are found in the center of the room. Steam from the broken pipe has covered the port holes, hiding the view of Rapture. A small air vent can be found to the east. To the southeast, the player finds a desk belonging to the Splicer. A new tonic, an Audio Diary, bandages, a teddy bear, and a microscope can be found on the desk. As Jack approaches the desk, he is once again surrounded by a murky haze. This time however, he is met by the Splicer, who attacks moments after he is discovered.

Supply Closet[]

The supply closet is where the most of the cleaning supplies for the Medical Pavilion are located. When Jack arrives in the Medical Pavilion, he finds the supply closet to be locked from the inside. Entering from the air vent, the player finds a tired Spliced nurse dozing in a chair. The room is filled with ammunition and food. Bing Crosby's "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams" can be heard playing, although no phonograph can be found.

New Dicoveries[]

New Plasmids and Tonics (Found)[]

Audio Diary[]

  1. Dr. Suchong - Plasmids are the Paint - Operating Room, on a desk in the corner.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • During development, audio director Emily Ridgway first completed ambient audio for this room. She centered on Bing Crosby's "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams". It would play over the beautiful Art Deco aesthetic littered with dead families for a "happy but tragic period sound".[1] With its opening lyrics:

What price happiness?
What price happiness?
Who can truthfully say?
But for every shall with tears we pay?


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