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Why a guy like Fontaine would waste his time with that spooky Kraut when he could be gettin' the gravy from any dish he chooses is beyond the understanding of this paparazzi.
― Paparazzi[src]

The "Paparazzi" was a resident of Rapture who made out a living by taking pictures of the city's celebrities and important people. This photographer took an interest in Frank Fontaine's social life.


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His corpse can be found near a camera that used to spy on Fontaine's apartment, on the third floor balcony of Mercury Suites. He noted the combination for the elevator penthouse which Fontaine changed after Brigid Tenenbaum stole from him a sample of Lot 192, though the photographer believed it to be a break-up.[1]

BioShock 2 Multiplayer[]

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He is only referenced in a single quote where he complains during the Civil War about the freedom of the press in Rapture after the Editor of Rapture Standard is declared a traitor and then hung, due to his articles against Ryan.

  • "Freedom of the press, my ass!"

Audio Diary[]



  •  Icon mac.png If the player attempts to listen to the Paparazzi's recording again, instead Yi Suchong's Fontaine's Human Jukebox will be played, if the player had acquired Suchong's audio diary first.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • This use of the word "paparazzi" is anachronistic to a community isolated since the 1940s. It was coined in Fellini's film La Dolce Vita, released on the surface in 1960.[2] It is also used incorrectly here: "paparazzi" is plural; the masculine singular is "paparazzo."
  • The Paparazzi uses the Breadwinner Splicer model.


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