Parasitic Healing was a Plasmid that existed in early versions of BioShock, but was ultimately cut from the final version of the game. The Plasmid would have fired an energy bolt at enemies, damaging them and healing the player. As with most other Plasmids, Parasitic Healing would have had three levels of advancement.[1] In addition, certain Spider Splicer variants would have been able to use this Plasmid. These enemies would have appeared in multiple levels, including Point Prometheus and the Proving Grounds, and would have looked the same as regular Spider Splicers.[citation needed]

Specifications (At the time) Edit

  • Use: Fires an energy bolt that damages enemies and heals you.
  • EVE Cost: 2
  • Sales Pitch: Parasitic Healing: His pain, your gain!

References Edit

  1. Plasmids.ini in the BioShock game files
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