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The Path of the Scroll section of Columbia.

You shall know the False Shepherd by his mark!
― Warnings posted across Columbia[src]

The Path of the Scroll is a short stroll through the Town Center of Columbia, leading from the Fairgrounds to the Raffle Park.

Infinite Spoilers

BioShock Infinite[]

Bioshock infinite lutece twins

"Heads, or Tails?"

Wishing Well Plate
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As Booker DeWitt leaves the Fairgrounds, his path is blocked by a lady and a gentleman. The duo asks Booker to flip a coin. The coin lands, the pair notes the result on a sandwich board and Booker may carry on. A crowd, joined by Jeremiah Fink, can be heard singing "Goodnight, Irene".

The Path[]

BioI Town Center Path of the Scroll Gazebo Area

A sunny day on the path.

BioShock Infinite - Town Center - Raffle Square - False Shepherd Sign f0817

"What the…?"

After the flipping of the coin, Booker sees two young girls playing hopscotch and reciting a nursery rhyme about an ominous being called "the Songbird." A plush toy and a poster near by gives a precise look of this giant bird. A gazebo close to the girls has some citizens sitting by it, discussing subjects like new stock in vending machines and passers by. The street is filled with businesses but the only ones that are accessible for the player are a hot dog and ice cream stands. Further on, citizen are talking about Lady Comstock and two policemen are demonstrating a Sky-Hook while chatting about the Vox Populi. Round the corner is a open space, showing off the beautiful sky with floating decorated buildings. Two large balloons of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are connected to the buildings. Booker's attention is drawn to a statue of a woman that, through a shimmer of light, changes in to a man. On further investigation, the statue is of a person (or persons) called R. Lutece. A message recorded by Constance Field for a "Madame Lutece" is left on a bench by the base of the statue, along with other gifts. Some kids are playing cops and robbers near the statue. Booker sees a direction sign for Monument Island and follows it towards the Raffle. Right before leaving the path, Booker happens upon a propaganda poster showing the mark of the "False Shepherd", Booker notices the "AD" on his hand is like that featured on the poster.

New Discoveries[]


  1. Constance Field - For I am Lonely, Too - On the bench in front of the R. Lutece statue.


Behind the Scenes[]


After the flipping.

  • After the coin has been flipped, Robert and Rosalind Lutece will walk off to the side and disappears after the player leaves. However, if the player doesn't leave and walk up to them, Rosalind will say: "We won't leave until you do. You have my word on that", "He does show a certain lack of initiative", and "If you keep this up, I'll be forced to start repeating myself". This is a nod to have NPCs in video games often only have one or two scripted lines.
  • There are 122 chalk marks on the sandwich board Robert carries, which is likely how many alternate Bookers has flipped the coin before and later failed with the mission.
    • The numbers also match the number of times Booker needs to ring on the three bells in the Lighthouse, (1,2,2).[1]
  • Depending on the game's difficulty, The player's choice in the coins flip varies. If the game is set on easy or hard mode, Booker will choose heads and if it set on medium or 1999 Mode, Booker will choose tails. The coin will land on heads either way.