Patrick and Moira

Poster advertising the play "Patrick and Moira". It is seen in Fort Frolic and in Atlas' Headquarters.

The Story of Love After Death.
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Patrick and Moira was a Sander Cohen stage production that ran for a time at the Fleet Hall Theater before the downfall of Rapture. Posters for the show can be seen around the upper level of the atrium of Fort Frolic, near the Fleet Hall entrance. It is apparently a musical about the lovers Patrick and Moira, who judging from the poster, are ghosts.


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Frank Fontaine, while posing as Atlas, takes the names from the show and uses them as part of his set-up to manipulate Jack into assassinating Andrew Ryan and hand him control of Rapture, telling him initially that his goal is to escape the underwater city with his wife Moira and his son Patrick. When Jack reaches the submarine in Smuggler's Hideout where Moira and Patrick are awaiting rescue, Ryan sends Splicers to attack him and Atlas, and supposedly destroys the vessel with Moira and Patrick inside it. It explodes, leaving several unidentified Splicer corpses strewn in the wreckage. Atlas pretends to grieve over this, and directs Jack to get revenge on Ryan.

Much later, after Fontaine has achieved his goal and discarded his Atlas identity, he mocks Jack while he is in the Proving Grounds about having believed his grift, even sarcastically claiming to consider getting a real family one day as they "play well with the suckers".

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