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"The slugs alone could not provide enough ADAM for serious work. But combined with the host...
now we have something."
Brigid Tenenbaum

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The Patriot's Pavilion.
In the background is the Hall of Heroes.

And when we strike, we will teach Cornelius Slate a lesson… Now, I know you've all come to think of Slate as some kind of war hero. But let me be abundantly clear: CORNELIUS SLATE IS NO HERO! Ah, he's been living down in Finkton so long that the man has gone native. If Slate had his way, the damn Coloreds and Potato Eaters would be up in Comstock House running Columbia -- or in yer homes… copulating with yer wives! Now, he has holed himself up in the Hall of Heroes -- and it is our job to get him out -- alive or dead! Once our gunships arrive, we're gonna storm the Hall! Clear 'em out! And have you all home in time for supper!
― Founder Leader[src]

Patriot's Pavilion, also known as the Sky Road, is a subsection of Soldier's Field in Columbia. It has a ticket booth, a Patriot's Pride confectionery store, a pub called The Fellow Traveller, and the gondola leading to the Hall of Heroes.

BioShock Infinite[edit | edit source]

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When Booker and Elizabeth come here via elevator, they see that the lobby has been vandalized. Out in the open, on the Sky Road, the two happen upon a small rally of Founder soldiers. The commander informs all that Cornelius Slate and his ragtag band of renegade soldiers have taken up refuge in the Hall.

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Voxophones[edit | edit source]

  1. Cornelius Slate - Never Seen the Face - Elevator lobby, on a desk in the locked ticket room.
  2. Vivian Monroe - A True Soldier - The ticket shop, on the second floor near the railing.
  3. Leander Manley - Vox Contraband Inventory - The Fellow Traveller, in the kitchen.
  4. Daisy Fitzroy - Their Sun is Setting - The Fellow Traveller, on a table in the secret Vox Populi room.

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