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"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction..."Andrew Ryan

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Patriot's Pride Confections bulb sign
BioShock Infinite - Soldier's Field - Patriot's Pride advertising f0790

Marquee advertisement in Soldier's Field.

Patriot's Pride is a business in Columbia. It specializes in making candies, pastries, and other confectioneries.

BioShock Infinite[]

Main article: BioShock Infinite

Patriot's Pride is one of several stores and businesses Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth can visit on their journey through the flying city.

Town Center[]

Patriot's Pride Confectionary Candies sign
BioI TC Shady Lane Patriot's Pride

The Shady Lane branch.

The first branch can be seen while walking from New Eden Square towards the The Fairgrounds, but it cannot be visited. Another branch can be found in Shady Lane in the Town Center, which is blocked by two Columbian police officers until the raffle drawing has concluded and police enter. Shady Lane's Patriot's Pride was seemingly operating as normal until Booker infiltrated the Raffle, causing chaos. Parts of Shady Lane were hastily evacuated by the police, with some businesses gating their doors to protect the interior. A man has been left on the other side of the gate on Patriot's Pride's balcony and is covering in fear as Booker persuades the policemen on the lane.

Soldier's Field[]

Patriot's Pride Billboard Small
BioShock Infinite - Soldier's Field - Patriot's Pavilion - Patriot's Pride f0791

Inside the shop in the Patriot's Pavilion.

Patriot's Pride is heavily advertised in Soldier's Field. A physical location is found in Patriot's Pavilion in Soldier's Field in the Tickets building. The candy store is one of several located in the building, including a Cigar Shop and Duke's Choice Concessions. Is it also adjacent to the Vox Populi Code Book, needed to translate the nearby cipher.

BioShock Infinite - Soldier's Field - Patriot's Pavilion - Patriot's Pride f0792

Another view.

The store contains a Minuteman's Armory as well as numerous foodstuffs to replenish health. Among the merchandise are replicas of Monument Tower which Elizabeth jokes that she deserves a share of the profits. A locked door in the shop leads behind the ticketing counter with access to a bank bag of Silver Eagles and a Gear.

The Kinetoscope, Who are the Vox Populi?, is located right in front of the dividing wall.

Downtown Emporia[]

BioI Downtown Emporia Central Market District Patriot's Pride Interior 1

The interior of the central market branch.

Free Sample! Sign

Two branches of the candy store are found in the Market District of Downtown Emporia. One of them is inaccessible (set next to Springfield), but the other can be visited. Said business is set in the bottom floor of a green building, terraced among other businesses, opposite to Parker & Co. Excelsior Brand Canned Meats. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth arrive at the area during the Vox Populi uprising, and have to battle before they can approach the interior of the business. Elizabeth can bring in a Freight Hook via a Tear, which is set on the building, to assist in combat. The building itself has not been treated kindly by the Vox: the top floor is on fire, with smoke partly covering the Emporia Towers billboard on the roof. Although the business is locked and requires three lockpicks to open, the interior has not been spared. The floor is covered with garbage and the cash register has been looted, although they missed a few silver eagles, which can be found on the main counter and floor. The store is filled with chocolate, caramel and almond Gift Boxes, which can be found on the shelves and the counters, which according to a "Free Sample!" sign: the player can loot. The storage contains crates and canned food, along with a Gear.


Downtown Emporia skyline.

Another building is found in the "Downtown" area, though the building has been burned out by the time of Booker's arrival, making it inaccessible.


BioShock Infinite[]

Town Center[]

Downtown Emporia[]

Clash in the Clouds[]