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The Patriot's Proud Pose cabinet.

The Patriot's Proud Pose is an episode of Dimwit & Duke. It is one of the puppet shows in the Arcade at Battleship Bay.


The story of this cabinet is to teach children to pledge allegiance to the city of Columbia and the Founder ways of life, patriotism and religion.

Duke Dimwitt - Anthem

Transcript: Are you a Duke or a Dimwit? When Duke hears the Columbian Anthem, he stands at attention and sings along, proud and clear. When Dimwit hears the Columbian Anthem, he just says... "That song again? I'm too tired to sing!" Remember, boys and girls, don't be a Dimwit.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The background music is a very old, anachronistic 1930s recording of "Turkey in the Straw", which was used in the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup.
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