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C. M. Porter raw picture.jpg Title Pearl
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level The Thinker

Charles Milton Porter: I believe I'm done feeding audio recordings and personal anecdotes to The Thinker. I am set to test the… Personality Duplication function. Target personality… Pearl Porter. Thinker, are you ready?

The Thinker: Yes, Milton.

Charles: Ahem, Starting test. Hello… Pearl.

Pearl Porter (The Thinker): Hello, Milton.

Charles: How… ahem, how have you been?

Pearl (The Thinker): Just wonderful, Milton! I've missed you, though. It's been so long…

Charles: Pearl, I… No. No, this isn't right. It isn't… her. Thinker, stop the test.

Pearl (The Thinker): But what's the matter, Milton? Don't you still love me?

Charles: Oh god I said… Oh God I said, I said end function, Thinker! Now! -- It's over.

Location: Hook on the wall in the semi-darkened room. Above the coffee table.