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Persephone Cell Block F.

The Parasite eats away at the city, desiring reward without investment, and tearing down works it could never create. Voices of dissent and subversion erode the will of the individual. Progress towards groundbreaking genetic therapies is impeded by a lack of willing test subjects. Persephone Penal Colony, in oppositions to the Parasite, offers solutions.
― Level description

Persephone Cell Block F is a retooled environment from the BioShock 2 single player campaign, and the sixth and final level of The Protector Trials downloadable content. It is inspired by the prison cells in Inner Persephone.

General Tips[]

Types of Enemies Encountered[]

Vending Machines[]


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Trial One[]

  • Hack the Machine Gun Turret thats on the platform over the El Ammo Bandito vending machine.
  • Use Telekinesis to catch and redirect Houdini Splicers' fireballs, and Incinerate! to force back any enemies getting too close to the Little Sister. You can also use your own shells from your Launcher to fire farther with your projectiles.
  • Use your Incinerate! Plasmid. It stuns Splicers and keeps them from interrupting your Little Sister It also causes Splicers to use the Health Stations which kills them, if the Health Stations are hacked. You should also charge the Plasmid up to take care of crowds of Splicers.
  • Use Hack Darts to make hacks from far away, allowing one to not waste precious time.
  • Put Proximity Mines near the Little Sister, as you can take out Splicers with ease that way.
  • Even though you do have Armored Shell 2, along with you not being able to take damage from your own launcher, you should not be cocky with what you do in the level, as Brute Splicers and Alpha Series will dispatch you very quickly if not appropriately handled.
  • Use your Heat-Seeking RPGs to good use from afar, as they will track in on Splicers from long distances.
  • Use Proximity Mines on Houdini Splicers, while keeping Heat-Seeking RPG’s on Brute Splicers and Alpha Series. Use Frag Grenades exponentially on Thuggish Splicers and Leadhead Splicers.

Trial Two[]

  • Hack both vending machines and health stations. Hacked vending machines will give you discounts on Eve, health packs, and ammo. Hacked Health Stations will also kill Spllcers who try and use them. Don’t forget to hit the blue area when hacking as well, as you will get a free item from all three of these concession machines.
  • Before Starting the Protector Trial - set Cyclone Traps near spawn doors for easy money.
  • Using your Cyclone Plasmid, set traps around your Little Sister, preferable with Winter Blast 2 to freeze Splicers and take them out with a Drill Dash.
  • Use Winter Blast 2 to freeze Splicers, along with turning them into traps when you break them.
  • Set up near the Health Station, as you can then easily access any First Aid Kits.
  • Refill Cyclone traps as they are used.
  • Use Drill Dash (RT + B) or Shotgun to deal with Splicers who get too close. Try to use the drill more on smaller Splicers exponentially.
  • To refill ammo, health, and Eve: lay down Cyclone Traps around your Little Sister and then go.
  • Use Solid Slugs exponentially, as this will come in handy when it comes to Brute Splicers and Spider Splicers.
  • Use Ice Storm to your advantage, as you can freeze enemies when damaged, along with Freezing Drill by doing many Drill attacks to freeze Splicers.
  • Just because you have Armored Shell doesn’t mean you should be too cocky when it comes to being out in the open. Try to avoid Brute Splicers while taking out Leadhead Splicers from afar. One should also focus on Houdini Splicers and Alpha Series, as they are much more dangerous.
  • Use your Shotgun on Brute Splicers and Alpha Series, while using it less on Houdini Splicers. It is advised to use the Drill on Thuggish and Leadhead Splicers, or to trap Leadhead Splicers with Cyclone Trap 2, though you can freeze aforementioned Splicers with the Drill.

Trial Three[]

  • Hack the two Vending Machines and the two Health Stations.
  • Set up near the hacked Health Station.
  • Set your Decoy on the oil slick - make keeping a Decoy up a high priority.
  • Use your Spear gun to shoot Splicers. They'll take one shot to kill in the first part of the Protector Trial and 2 shots in the latter part,To refill ammo, health, and Eve: wait for a lull in the action, place a Decoy, and then go.
  • Shoot for heads of Splicers as much as possible, along with Alpha Series, as they are the easiest to hit due to their massive heads.
  • Use Electro Bolt 2 to stun enemies when they get too close to the Little Sister.
  • Put Decoy 2 next to the Little Sister to make enemies not grab her, along with making them damage themselves.
  • Use First Aid Kits sparingly, as they are very essential in your survival. You should also use many plasmids to drain your EVE with traps, and then when your Health gets low, regenerate both bars. You also have one more EVE Hypo to hold onto, so it is essential that you let loose the first one in appropriate spots for traps.
  • As mentioned before; just because you have Armored Shell doesn’t mean you should be cocky with your placement of traps, let alone have you be out in the open.
  • Shoot Spears at Houdini Splicers and Brute Splicers, while trying to maintain priority of Heavy Rivets on Alpha Series and keeping the normal Rivets on Thuggish, and Leadhead Splicers.