Pierre Gobbi
In ten years in this dump, I've come to accept a very low standard of life. But even at the bottom of this fish tank, a man must have standards.
― Pierre Gobbi[src]

Pierre Gobbi appears to be quite displeased at the conditions of Rapture, and regards it as a “dump”, though he still believes that a man must have standards. He confronts the owner of the Worley Winery after discovering that he waters down his wine, only to find out that the water is distilled. The manager states that it could be worse, and that he could have taken it right from the ocean. Gobbi speaks with a thick French accent.[2]

Audio DiaryEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Gobbi shares a name with Greg Gobbi, 2K's VP of Product Development,[3] who also gave the voice to him.[1]


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