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PinMoney ad

An advertisement for the sale at the apparel.

Happy New Year From Pin Money
― Advertisement[src]

Pin Money Women's Apparel is one of the many clothing stores in Rapture.


Rapture was composed of citizens of various social classes. While retailers like Maison Vosges, Bella Mia's High Fashion, or Sophia Salon High Fashion offered luxury-brand fashion to the city's elite, Pin Money Women's Apparel catered to more modest crowds such as the everyday, working woman. Before the Rapture Civil War broke out, Pin Money was scheduled to host a large sale, with ads prompting customers to 'come early' and 'bring a friend.'

BioShock 2Edit

Siren Alley-Little Eden-Splicer

An ad seen in the background.

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Advertisements for Pin Money can be seen in Siren Alley and Dionysus Park; specifically, in Little Eden Plaza on the staircase near the Mermaid Lounge and the bathrooms of the Triton Cinema, as well as the Atlantic Express Station.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Pin Money" refers to a small sum of money for spending on inessentials. Historically, it was an allowance to a woman from her husband for clothing and other personal expenses.
  • The running woman seen on the advertisement is a royalty-free "Running Shopping Women" clip art.
    • The running women were originally on a poster for the Atlantic Express, but it was left unused.