Jamie Byass Title Plasmid Shipment
Speaker Jamie Byass
Level Siren Alley
Plasmid Shipment
AD gNr059-lNr04 Jamie Byass - Plasmid Shipment f0124
Transcript: Listen, my supplier's got a new shipment of Plasmids comin' in, and I need you to pick'em up from the lab in Hedone Plaza. There's a hidden switch to open the back door -- it's tucked away under the cash register in the shopfront. And don't let nobody see you do it! Otherwise we'll have Splicers crawlin' all over the damn place tryin' ta get a taste.

Location: In the casino room on the second floor of the Mermaid Lounge.

AD gNr059-lNr04 Jamie Byass - Plasmid Shipment f0125

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